About CRGI 

For our members, we are their forum for technology and business exchange, helping them stay competitive.

CRGI operates a 9,000 sq. ft. (836 sq. m.) applied technology laboratory in Cleveland, OH, USA. The site also includes a 10,000 sq. ft. (929 sq. m.) exterior exposure facility. The laboratory is staffed by 7 full time employees averaging 26 years experience. Staff researchers come from a variety of national and regional paint and chemical companies, and bring significant professional and academic credentials. Together, they offer a rich and comprehensive approach to applied coatings technology.

CRGI conducts cooperative and private R&D projects for our members, and operates a secure, searchable website with an interactive member problem solving page, current archives of reports and member conference proceedings, and an international raw materials database.

The CRGI facility is certified as an ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory by Laboratory Accreditation Bureau. Through an international agreement, *ILAC MRA, this accreditation is recognized by 64 signatory countries worldwide.

Through our member conferences and online communication forum, industry leaders from our member companies access a world of information.

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*International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperative, Mutual Recognition Arrangements


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